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About Us

Welcome to our "Jiménez Family!" Our school is named after the late Santa Maria-Bonita School District employee, Roberto Jiménez, an outstanding community member, and his brother, Dr. Francisco Jiménez, a phenomenal professor and author. I invite you to explore Jiménez Elementary School's website, which provides valuable information about our school's instructional programs, academic
achievement, classroom materials, school safety, facilities, and staff. Our school is staffed with highly qualified teachers who are extremely dedicated to helping all children succeed. We take it upon ourselves to be constant learners. Students receive a California standards-based
curriculum, presented by dedicated professionals based on the  individual needs of the students. We are considerate of students' cultural backgrounds, and build students' learning based on prior knowledge. Ongoing evaluation of student progress and achievement helps us refine the instructional program so all students can achieve academic proficiency. We have made a commitment to provide the best educational program possible for Jiménez students. We welcome any suggestions or questions you may have about the information
contained in this report or about any aspect of our school.

Mission Statement
Jiménez Elementary is an exemplary learning community. We embrace students, parents, business partners, and staff to foster an environment where everyone can learn and respect one another. We build the foundation of this community through meaningful relationships,  rigorous and engaging instruction, and clear communication. We challenge each other to continually strive for excellence. We advocate for the greater good of our community by promoting high standards and expectations for all. We challenge each other to continually strive for excellence by being responsive.

School Profile
Jiménez Elementary School is located in the southwestern region of Santa Maria and serves students in grades transitional kindergarten through six. At the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, 861 students were enrolled, including 7% in special education, 65.7% qualifying for English Language Learner support, and 84% qualifying for free or reduced price lunch.

Richard Ruiz




Shandee Bayne

Assistant Principal



Sylvia Torres

Office Manager



Laura Silva

Office Clerk



Irene Fernandez

Community Liaison



Iran Rahbar




Angelica Alcaraz

Health Assistant



Rosa Contreras

Project Office



Danielle Bagnall




Carla Alcaraz

Computer Lab



Jessica Orozco

Cafeteria Manager